Heartland Vision is a direct provider of safety eyewear for hundreds of employers.

Our trained professionals are familiar with the ANSI 71 specifications. We carry a full range of safety frames (plastic and metal), side shields and lenses. Heartland Vision carries over 100 safety frames which are divided into five (5) different price points. In fact, we carry frames from seven (7) different manufacturers in order to bring the best and most up to date product. Included in the selection are Titmus, Hudson, On-Guard, Wolverine, Artcraft, Aden and Targa.

The main reason for employers to offer a safety eyewear program is simple: to protect the eyes of their most valuable asset – their employee. Therefore, the philosophy of Heartland Vision has always been to have employees come to one of its convenient locations to ensure the proper fitting of safety eyewear. A program designed in this manner also relieves the employer of the task of handling and dispensing the eyewear.

Heartland Vision can custom design a safety eyewear program that fits most every budget. If you are interested in a safety eyewear program, please feel free to contact us. Finally, we are prepared to offer eye examinations at a discounted rate. To learn more about our safety eyewear contact a Heartland Vision near you.

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